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|FUN|lake or pond playdough mat

This week we had a great guest post from Clare's Little Tots who showed her jungle playdough, I knew T would enjoy that for a little imaganitive play so I decided this would be one of his activities this week.

I really wanted something to make a watering hole and so I came up with this little project.

You will need:-

Blue paper
Backing paper (in hindsight I would have used green or brown)
A laminator and laminate sheet
Hot glue gun
Glue stick

1. I started off by cutting a pond shape from blue paper, I also cut a river so that I could have one on each side.

2. I glued these onto the backing card using a glue stick.

3. After I'd run it through the laminator I created 'waves' using the glue gun.

Ok so it doesn't look perfect, but it it quite effective when the playdough is on.

I raided T's dinosaur box for most of the trees and rocks and we added some animals from our Zoob tube collection.

T had lots of fun with this playdough mat and I think we'll be able to use it with many small world set-ups or playdough invitations.

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