|FOOD|tuna steaks with sweet chilli sauce

This is fast becoming my husbands favourite meal, so simple to make I almost feel a fraud calling it a 'recipe' but it does make for a great meal for all the family. 

Ingredients - serves 2
2 regular or 4 small tuna steaks 
1 Limey
2 tbsp sweet chilli dipping sauce
1 tbsp mirin
Vegetables or salad and potatoes to serve


1. Griddle the tuna steaks according to taste. 

2. Mix the lime juice, chilli sauce and mirin together to make a dressing 

3. Once the steaks are cooked to your liking, serve with your choice of vegetables and potato, my hubs like potato salad with his. 

4. Pour over the sauce and enjoy! 

See? Super simple but very delicious so I'm told!  I don't eat fish but this goes down very well with each of the boys. 


|REVIEW|Go Jetters Magazine review

The BBC have today released a new magazine based on their popular kids to program Go Jetters   Go Jetters is a great educational program which teaches kids basic geography using famous landmarks and introduces children to new places. 

The magazine features all the Go Jetters characters like Ubercorn and Grandmaster Glitch.

As with all the CBeebies magazines, the magazines activities follow the national curriculum and are both fun and educational.

The first issued (out 29 June) contains:
• Vroomster launcher toy plus Xuli figurine
• Funky Ubercorn workbook
• Go Jetters poster and sticker reward chart
• Make the Eiffel Tower!

And each edition will contain the now obligatory character toy, very important to 4 year olds ;) 

Each magazine contains stickers for some of the activities and there are plenty of stories and activities to keep them occupied. 

You can install Blippar app on any device and use that along side the magazine for extra features. 

Go Jetters engages children’s imaginations so they can learn about geography in a way that is gripping and meaningful to them. The magazine sparks children’s curiosity and encourages them to ask questions and have conversations about places. It provides opportunities for them to discover more about where they live as well as places far away.

T really enjoyed this magazine, it has also introduced him to the TV show which he was not aware of before and I love it because it's such a great educational resource! 

At £2.99 per magazine it's great value for your little ones.

|FUN|metal detecting tuff spot

A super simple tuff spot that we really enjoyed playing with, I started out by laying lots of little metallic items on the tuff spot. 
Metalic chips (similar from Imagido)
various magnets
paper clips
bull dog clips

I covered these with some hay, you could use shredded paper or sawdust too.

I gave T the magnet wands (again available at Imagido) and he swiped over the top of the hay picking up the different metal objects.
To be honest T didn't find this very stimulating, I think it would suit a younger child who would be happy to find the metal objects with the magnet wand.
It did, however, lead to conversations about buried treasure and digging up artefacts from the past, in fact it has lead to me booking a trip to a local museum which contains roman coins found in our village by a metal detector.

|REVIEW|#Enjoymorewater challenge with BritMums & Robinsons

We were recently challenged by Britmum's to take their #enjoymorewater challenge sponsored by Robinsons. We were sent a pack of Robinsons Squash'd juices to help us on our way. 

Here are my best tips for getting your little ones to drink their water every day.

Make it fun
1. Add fun straws and stirrers to make drinks more appealing. 
2. Serve in unusual bottles and cups to make the water seem more exciting. 
3. Use cocktail umbrellas, fancy ice cubes and unusual cocktail sticks to make children feel more grown up.

Make it accessible 
1. Keep a bottle of made up squash in the fridge at child height so they can learn to help themselves. 
2. Serve a jug of water or juice on the dinner table and encourage small children to pour everyone a drink with meals. 
3. Use fancy drinks dispensers on hot days so children can pour themselves a drink when they need one. 

Make it taste better
1. Freeze fruit in ice cube trays to add a little flavour to drinks.
2. Add Robinson's Squash'd for a refreshing, thirst quenching drink. 
3. Place a little fruit in a glass before filling with water. 

And finally...

We've been using our Robinson's sticker chart to record how much water we are managing to drink.  T has lived doing this and his water/squash consumption has definitely increased since we started rewarding him with a sticker every time he had a drink. 

This post is an entry for BritMums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons 

|REVIEW|ChattyFeet socks

I was recently sent some fab 'The Artists Gift Set of socks from ChattyFeet.

This fun box set is based on famous artists such as Vincent Van Gough - Vincent Van Toe and Andy Warhole - Andy Sock-Hole.

The socks are lovely quality and super soft, T loves these 'funny face socks'.  ChattyFeet have a lots of different designs including kids socks and sets for the whole family.

This ChattyFeet box set is priced at £30 and can be purchased direct from the website.

Disclaimer: I was sent this box set to review, all opinions are my own.

|FUN|Jungle learning worksheet

I love child-led learning so when T said he wanted some Jungle activities after becoming besotted with the jungle book I was pleased to create a few for him.  This however, is one of his ideas.  At the moment he is obsessed with writing, generally his letters are fine, but his numbers are not that great so I definitely wanted a worksheet where he could not only practice his counting but also writing some numbers.

I pretty much left him to it on this one, which is why you'll see a couple of mistakes and attempts of getting his numbers right.  He can't for the life of him grasp ticks, not sure if you've had this?  It would be great to hear your experiences, as I'm not sure if this is a leftie trait or just something he struggles with.

The jungle worksheet is 2 pages, I usually laminate but I haven't for this one yet.

It's split into 3 activities, counting the animals and writing the corresponding number, then denoting the child's favourite with a tick.

Drawing a jungle animal, giving the child free reign to draw an animal of this choice, T chose a snake and some trees.  I then wrote the word snake for him to copy to extend this a little.

The odd one out, this is great for a discussion topic first to allow you to discuss all the animals with the child and talk about which live where, although it did lead to a little confusion for us when T thought that frogs do not live in the jungle because there's no frog character in The Jungle Book!  It's fascinating how their minds work.

You can download this worksheet below, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, you like to more more worksheets?  Anything specific?

If you like this worksheet you can download it here.

All our jungle related activities can be found here and our jungle pinterest board has lots of other ideas from around the web!

Dear Bear and Beany

|#letslearn|Lets learn Linky - week #8 June

Thanks so much for linking up last time I've pinned all relevant posts to my #letslearn pinterest board pop over and take a look of you missed them.
Anyway, welcome to #LetsLearn, my weekly linky for all your learning blog posts, from early motor skills with babies and STEM activities to reading and writing for early years to GCSEs and beyond with your older children.  You are welcome here at #LetsLearn.  

We all know that kids learn more through play and whilst they are playing they learn far more than sitting at a desk, so learning with lots of fun is very encouraged here.

My favourite post this week are these great 'sticky nature pictures' from Craft Invaders I've added this to our list of things to do for cousin club, when Jack comes to join in our Friday fun during the summer. 

I'm linking my Jungle learning worksheet this week, T really enjoys structured activities like this and I'm starting to regret not laminating this one!

Onto the linky...

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I'd really appreciate you grabbing my badge please too, or at least pop a link back to here to say you are joining in as it helps to spread the word for me.

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|FOOD|butternut squash 'Caesar' salad

Trying to healthy up our weekday meals a bit so The Hubs is having Ceasar salad quite regularly, I know it sounds a bit weird but I quite like to eat the same meal as him but a veggie form so I came up with this salad and it's absolutely delicious! 

Ingredients (serves 1):
1/2 small butternut squash
Olive oil
1 little gem lettuce
Handful of croutons (make your own with leftover bread!)
1 tbsp pinenuts
Vegetarian Ceasar dressing
Vegetarian Parmesan cheese

1. Peel the butternut squash and cut the top part into thick sticks (cut up the rest and cook for another meal!) drizzle with olive oil and roast for 20-30 minutes.

2. In a dry frying pan gently toast the pinenuts until lightly browned. 

3. Cut up the lettuce and place on a dish,  place the roasted butternut on top, sprinkle with the croutons. Add some Parmesan shavings and drizzle over some Caesar dressing, finally top with pinenuts. 

And enjoy! X

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|REVIEW|flamers Firelighters

We've been trying these great natural firefighters from flamers for a BBQ we recently had.  Flamers are completely odourless which I really like as I hate the thought of chemical fumes transferring to the food your cooking.

Made from wood shavings and natural wax, flames burn with no mess and are perfect for both indoor fires and BBQ's.

It head are definitely going to be in our camping kit as they were so easy to use and made lighting our BBQ even easier what's more, they left no mess at all.
Flamers can be purchased from Amazon and retail at £11.99 for 24, I used 3 for our BBQ but I actually think 2 would have done the job!

Disclaimer: we were sent a packet of flamers to review, all opinions are our own.

|OUT AND ABOUT|Eastfield Park Blisworth, Northants

We've been trying to find lots of great local places to play on our Friday 'Mummy and Thomas Days' trying to make the most of them before T heads off to school and our weeks changes. 

Eastfield park in Blisworth has been there for years, in fact I used to play there as a child, although it has changed quite a lot since those days!

Now it's completely enclosed by a gated fence making it really safe for children to play.  Dogs are not allowed in and neither are children over the age of 12! 

T liked the new climbing frame and slide!

I'm sure these swings were here when I was small, but there's now a spongy Tarmac base which I'm sure would be much nicer to fall on than the hard grass!

This spinner was T's favourite, anything that he can 'go really fast' on is a winner! ;)

I really liked that the gate lock was really high, making this park a really safe place to take smaller children. 

Considering it's so close to us I'm sure we'll be going again soon! 

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