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|FUN|mark making tuff spot

My little leftie sometimes struggles with his writing as he tends to drag his hand over what he's written and rubs it away rather hold his hand slightly away from the paper.  I'm sure it's something that will come more naturally with time but I thought I'd set up this little mark marking tuff spot to try and help him get used to writing without having his hand touch the paper.

As well as writing practice on his mark marking tuff spot, I also added some common household objects and made some scrapers using a cardboard box.

I cut the flaps off of a cardboard box and cut out different shapes along the bottom to create different patterns.

I used a bag of polenta for this activity as I had one in the cupboard which was out of date.  I has a nice firm texture for mark making, not quite as soft as sand so actually held a better mark/pattern.

I handed T a chopstick and he used it to copy words I'd set up using a scrabble type game, copying from these is one of his favourite things to do.

We also used some cookie cutters to wiggle in the polenta to make pretty shapes.

This could be created for a younger child just with objects to make their marks with and extended by asking older children to write the words without copying, or writing out sums etc.

I hope you like our first tuff spot post, look out for more in the coming weeks as we are slightly obsessed with our tuff spot!