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|FUN|making marble painting wrapping paper using the tuff spot

When we saw the Zig-zag tuff spot from Adventures of Adam I knew I wanted to try this on the tuff spot.

With Father's Day coming up, I thought we could make some nice wrapping paper for daddy too! 

There's nothing better than a fun activity which makes something useful in the process.

For this project you will need:-
Tuff spot or similar large based tub
Ready mixed paints
Large paper

First T and I drew large circles on the tuff spot in colours of T's choice.

We then added a couple of handfuls of marbles. 

T moved the tuff spot about to make pretty patterns in the paint. 

Once we had a good pattern we added some silver paint and agitated the marbles a little more. 

We stopped as the colours started mixing as we wanted a defined pattern on our wrapping paper. 

I had already cut some paper roll from Baker Ross into sheets so we were ready to lay on top of the paint before it dried (today is very hot!) T laid the paper on top and pressed down, we then dried the wrapping paper.

Even cleaning up for this project was fun! T used a water squirter to squirt with lots of water, then he scrubbed it off with a sponges and a little washing liquid. 

We're joining in with tuff spot Tuesday  with Adventures of Adam and Toddler Approved Tuesday with 3 princesses and 1 dude and Clare's Little Tots for this post.