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|FUN|garden scavenger hunt

Today (Thurs) was super hot again so I set up a little scavenger hunt for T on the patio (excuse the mess - it's needs pressure washing!) because he is literally counting everything at the moment I added a number next to each different item he had to collect. The paving slabs were perfect for each of our nature items. 

To set this up I drew a different object onto a paving slab along with the number and label.

I encouraged T to read the number and try and sound out the item using the drawing to help (maybe better drawing would help 😉)

Once he understood what he had to collect, off he trotted to get his loot and bring it back to put on the relevant square. 

T enjoyed pottering around the garden finding the relevant objects. 

This was such a simple activity to set up and T enjoyed it so much, I think it would also be really good with a larger group of children so next time we have a BBQ I think I'll set one up for the kids to all work as a team to complete the hunt.