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|FOOD|slow cooker BBQ pulled pork loins

I was so scared of making pulled pork for my family so they really only ever had it for special occasions, there always seemed far too many ingredients and getting it right was so hot and miss.  Now I always make it this way, which the family actually prefer to the 'from scratch' method.  It's great as a weekday meal as well as special occasion in fact we made it for a family dinner party a few weeks ago!

Ingredients - serves 4
400g pork loins (or pork shoulder if you prefer)
1/2 tin chopped tomatoes blended into passata
240g (1/2 bottle) BBQ sauce, I use a supermarket own brand organic one
1 large red onion, sliced

Rolls, coleslaw & wedges to serve

1. Put the 'passata' and BBQ sauce into the slow cooker thoughoughly mix.

2. Add the onions and pork, make sure as much pork is covered as possible, try not to let any dry out.

3. Cook on high for at least 4 hours, the meat will fall apart and the sauce will thicken, take 2 forks and shrewd where needed.

4. Serve in rolls with coleslaw.

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