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|FUN|loo roll crazy golf

This activity is great for families or play dates and is lots of fun from start to finish!  We actually had planned to do this with friends for a play date but we had to cancel at the time due to T being ill so in the end T and I did it together, I can see us doing this again in the summer outside possibly for cousin club through the summer.

We started off by talking about the crazy golf we've done elsewhere and this lead to the props we used for our crazy golf, we went with pirates, dragons and castles for our theme.  I only set up 5 holes for T as I thought that he would get board with the official 9 holes! 

You will need
Loo rolls
Washi tape
Play golf clubs
Golf ball
Plastic cups

We started off by setting up the 'holes' using the loo rolls and washi tape, I tried to make each hole slightly different, T helped by sticking the loo rolls down, we also added a cross of washi as our 'tee' and added the number of each hole.  At this stage T gave our holes a name, this would obviously be more fun with more children as they could either work together to think of the names or you could even have a little competition. 

Hole 1 - this was just a simple hole to get the ball through 2 loo rolls into the cup, we called this hole 'knights crossing' and our prop was a knight on a cart.  This hole took T 2(ish) attempts and as you can see, he was pretty chuffed with himself.

Hole 2 - Dragon mountain (not sure where the mountain is!) for this hole, we made a nice and simple ramp using a cardboard box and a small dish, the idea being to go up the ramp and down into the cup.

Hole 3 - pirate ship T came up with this one himself, he attached a long tube onto an upturned dish and secured with washi, the dish acted as our Tee in this instance as you can see, a cup is placed by T's toy boxes to roll the ball into! 

Hole 4 - I thought that hole 4 would be a bit more difficult but T totally flunked a hole in one on this!!!  We called this hole 'trolls bridge' (not sure where the bridge is though!)

Hole 5 - this was our 'grande finale' and we used the 'ghost castle' as our last hole, using the drawbridge as the hole, by this time I was beginning to think I should have made the course a bit more difficult as T seemed to whizz round it and contrary to me thinking he would be bored. He was rearing to do more, whether he would have kept going if he had to take more goes remains to be seen but he really did love this activity

As I said, it would be absolutely perfect as a play date activity, there's s little bit of problem solving - setting up the holes, co-ordination - putting and maths - keeping score.

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