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|#whatsinaname|Thomas William - LarabeeUK

Welcome to our new mini-series, 'what's in a name?' I thought it would be fun to feature different parents each week talking in their own words about how and why they named their child what they did.  Maybe they were named after a famous sports person, or maybe after the midwife?  Parents have different reasons for naming children and I want to hear about it!

This week I though I'd start with my very own little man 'Thomas William' known on the blog and social media as 'T'.

So... I always thought I was having a boy and was also told this by a physic so we didn't think too much about girls names, we had chosen 'Ava Jane' which we liked but both felt we would never have to use.  Ava, after Ava Gardner (I'm a huge Frank Sinatra fan!) and Jane as it's a family name my side, my middle name and also happens to be The Hubs mothers name.

I suggested 'William' at first because it was The Hubs, fathers name, who we had lost a few years before, to be honest it was obvious to name our child this. Williams also happens to be my grandmothers maiden name so that was a nice connection too.  The Hubs said he liked that and was thinking the same!

Because we had a strong family name from The Hubs' side of the family, I really wanted a traditional and strong family name from mine, this was obvious 'Thomas' was the male Christian name in my maternal grandfathers bloodline, going back 6 generations (as far as I've researched back in our family tree), when I suggested it to The Hubs, he told me that it was his grandmothers maiden name and so our second name was chosen.

All we had to decide now was which way round they would go, I don't think either of us really had a preference, we both liked both names so it really wasn't an issue.  We didn't decide right up until the moment he was born, as soon as we both looked at him in the hopital labour room I think we knew, so when the midwife asked if we had a name, we both said in unison 'Thomas' and we've never looked back.

Yes I'm not going to lie, we are extremely precious about his name, we hate for him to be called 'Tom' or 'Tommy' and some friends at nursery have started to call him 'Tom Tom Tomato' which I don't particularly dislike it but I don't like it either! 

I'm sure one day his name will become shortened and we'll have to tolerate it, but if it does my only condition is that it's shortened to 'Thom' not 'Tom'* Pretentious?  Probably, but I'd like him to keep a little bit of his original name! 

Do you have a story behind your children's names?  I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to be featured email me at larabeeuk@hotmail.co.uk with the subject line of #whatsinaname

If you do want to join in but don't want to write a post, you can post on social media whenever you like! 

*no offence intended to anyone called Tom or Tommy, I actually quite like both names, just not for my son! 


  1. It's lovely when you can make family links for your names. When I was pregnant I really struggled for a boys name...luckily I had a daughter and the name was decided at about 8 weeks pregnant! :) A lovely story to read here.

  2. You may be amused to know, that according to Albert, Thomas' full name is actually "Thomas William Chocolate Bramham"!!


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