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|LEARN|St Patrick's Day counting worksheet

St Patrick's day is my favourite patron saints day despite not being Irish, I love how they celebrate to the max and I think  we could all take a leaf out of their book. 

Anyway, here's a little activity I created for T for St Patrick's day.

We've been using various St Patrick's day buttons that I actually got to use with playdough but you could use counters, stickers, bingo markers or buttons :)

There are 2 sides to this printable, side 1 is for counting out the corresponding number, I've laminated ours so we can re-use it.  After we had used our buttons, T decided he wanted to mark it out, so I gave him a whiteboard marker. He decided he wanted to write the number as well so he added it (NOTE TO SELF: that's a blooming good idea - add it to the next worksheet I create!!)

The second page was for T to count the number of images and write the number in the box, he really surprised me and started writing the numbers straight away!

You can download our worksheet here if you'd like to use it yourself. I'd love to be tagged though if you do use it :)
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