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|CREATE|Lollipop superhero capes Kids Valentines Day RAK

Anyone who know's my son, knows that hearts and romance don't cut it with him even for valentines day, I'm assuming I've got a good few years to work on this one and make sure he makes a great partner in the future but for now we are going with small RAK's (random acts of kindness) for his nursery buddies.

To keep his attention I adapted something I'd found on pinterest for little lollipop superhero capes and added some wording which would suit both his girl and boy friends.  Sorry guys, I am in absolutely no way encouraging him to have a 'girlfriend' at 4 years old!  In fact I can't stand it, I know that some people find it cute, I find it just... well... weird!

To make these little gifts you will need:
Sheet of capes or make you own using paper and pens
Bag of lollipops
holepunch (a basic one will do)

If you would like to use our superhero capes you can download a copy here (this copy does not contain 'From Thomas x'!!

1. Cut out the capes and punch a hole in the top.

2. Feed the lollipops through the hole and slightly fold over so that it lays flat.
And that really is it!  We are going to be taking a basket of these into nursery tomorrow for T to hand out at home-time.
Look out for another Valentines Day RAK that we are doing for our friends in our village.



  1. these are great, Valentines is a great time for RAK too :) X

  2. Really simple, but look brilliant! Very sweet Valentine's gift. #ToddlerApprovedTuesday


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