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|CREATE|bird picture from a recycled pallet

Here's a little recycle project that we've made for our bedroom. We thought it would be nice to make something together to mark Valentine's Day.

You will need:
2 colours of spray paint - we used ivory and gold
A piece of wood or pallet, cleaned and with holes drilled. 
Garden string
A template 

1. Spray paint the colour that you want the image to be. (We actually tried both ways round but preferred the ivory at the bottom, this photo does show the gold though!)

2. Place the template on top and spray with the second colour. 

3. Thread the string through the holes and that's it! 

I'm so pleased with how this turned out! I love that you can still see the wood grain through the colour. Sadly the photos don't do the gold justice but this particular spray paint is fab, I've got a really love for it so am spraying everything!!!!

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