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|FAMILY|our January, what we will be celebrating this month

Wow, 2016!  Happy new year, thanks so much for your support in 2015, we had a great year and intend 2016 to be even better!!

January is quite quiet for us so far, but I'm sure we'll have at least a couple of nights out for The Hubs' birthday.

We are doing Earth and Recycling activities with T this month.

We will still be crossing off items from our Winter bucket list.

Special days and observances this month...
Thyroid awareness month. 

5 national bird day
6 epiphany
8 bubble bath day
10 Stephen Foster memorial day
10 save the Eagles day
11 Emelia Earhart day
11 milk day
18 Winnie the Pooh day
20 penguin awareness day
23 measure your feet day
24 national peanut butter day
25 Burns night
26 Australia day
30 Seed swap day

In our diary this month...
9 ninja turtle sleepover
22-24 road trip to Skegness & blogger meet up with 3princessesand1dude
29 The Hubs birthday

More special days & observances can be found here.

Linking up with Twinderelmo's monthly bucket list.
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  1. Ah, your Hubs birthday is this month too! James' is on the 4th and I've got no money left to buy him a present! Eeek. I love that you always list awareness days - I always forget to look them up. Now I've taken note of a few. Ray x #thelist

    1. Lucky for me it's after pay day so thankfully i don't have to both along with the other 6 December birthdays 😱 Ahhhhh glad it's helpful to you look forward to seeing what you do this month xx

    2. That's very lucky! Thank you my love, i'm excited to be back! xx

  2. Wow so many days to celebrate - and how awesome does Bubble Bath Day sound! Hope you have a fab month.

  3. I love reading all the different days - Winnie the Pooh day sounds brilliant!
    Have a fab meet up. Look forward to May
    Thanks so much for linking xx


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