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|FUN|I went to the windy woods game

I'm pleased to be joining in with the 30 day simple play at home blog hop with Adventures of Adam for today's post. If you don't follow already, do pop by and follow for some amazing children's activity ideas. Our prompt is 'GARDEN'

This simple little game can be played from any age and you can expand it by adding more scavenger items to find.  It can be played in the garden, on a nature walk, on the way to nursery etc. You can also play with as many people as you like although it's best to keep to small teams of 3-4 with younger a children. Although I've created my own rhyme I used to play a similar game with a group of 20 when I was at guides, although we were all sitting and had to just memorise!   So this  game really can be expanded as children grow!

We use a garden trug to collect our finds, but you could use anything - or nothing at all if you prefer.

You start off by having a look around and collecting something from the garden then say the rhyme 'I went to the windy woods and found a... "leaf"' and pop the find in the basket.  The next person (child) finds an object and says 'I went to the windy woods and I found a "leaf" and a "flower"' adding their own item to the end.  Each person has to remember all the items in order.  By the time you are at 5 items it gets a bit trickier for little ones.  Ours usually ends up in fits of giggle as T tries to remember the items in order. We actually don't play for a 'winner' as T is a little over competitive, but if you wanted to, when a person cannot remember all the items in order they are out. 

At almost 4 we aim to do this for 10 items but his attention span generally wanes at around 7. Sometimes if T finds something he doesn't recognise we stop and talk about it partway through the game.  The beauty of having the items in the basket is that they are there as a reminder and you only have to remember the order, so can easily pick the game up again if you have a distraction!

This game can be extended by introducing more items or once finished the rhyme, play the memory game by removing an item at a time for the child to remember what's missing. 

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  1. What a great activity idea! Havent played this game before but shall do now.


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