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|FUN|christmas rainy day bag

Back in the summer I made a rainy day bag which I filled with a number of activities to get us through rainy days. You can see what we had it in originally here. I must admit I've changed things up a few times through the summer and autumn and we've used it quite a few times for rainy days or car journey, taking to friend and relatives houses etc.  It's really useful to have everything in one place to grab quickly. Especially since T seems to have upped his pace to warp mode all the time!  Everything he does is at high speed now and he can't wait for anything!

So I thought I'd change all the contents of the bag for Christmas, I think I'll do this every couple of months in the next year or so because it really has been such a godsend. 

I have added the Christmas CBeebies art magazine, I can't tell you how much T loves this magazine, I think for him it had just the right amount of arts and crafts, stickers and his favourite characters. 

I also added a set of Christmas stickers he got in his Christmas kids sticker swap last year. 

A new book has also been included, it isn't a Christmas book but it is new so I'm sure this will be a huge hit when he time comes. 

Some homemade play dough was next, along with some loose parts, a small Baker Ross ornament kit and a DVD.

I'm really pleased I have my little bag of goodies for when I need to keep T entertained, without me having to think!

What would you include?  I'm even thinking that a filled bag would make a good gift for one of T's friends for Christmas or birthday. 

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