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|FAMILY|promoting healthy bones with yollies and cheesestrings

Kids, adventures and snacks... Yes that's what school holidays are made of!

This week I had my nephew J for one of the days of the holidays, sadly it poured down with rain all day long but the the boys spent the day being pirates, knights, superheroes and cowboys indoors!  Making dens, swinging from the castle (bunk bed) and climbing a mountain take a lot of energy and numerous times during the day I heard the words 'I'm hungry'!

Luckily, I had a good supply of cheesestrings and yollies ready for them, filled with plenty of calcium and vitamin D these are great for keeping bones and teeth healthy in little adventurers.

With no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives they make a great in-between meal snack. 

The brave bones club is the meeting places for all little adventurers to come and find brave and exciting new things to do, backed by yollies and cheesestrings.  Join the club today and let your littles ones start to collect the badges as they complete small exercises to keep them fit and active and the rather fabulous Steve Backnall is their ultimate adventurer! 

J couldn't get enough of yollies, he described them as 'delicious' and 'creamy' and on more than one occasion asked for more!  T on the other hand wasn't keep on the texture, he recognised the yoghurt taste but couldn't understand why it was in a lolly! 

For loads more snack and adventure ideas head on over to Netmums.

disclaimer: we were supplied with a very generous box of yollies and cheesestrings for the purpose of this review.

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