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|FAMILY|our November...

Hello November!

Time is moving waaaaaaay too fast at the moment, but now that Halloween is over I will probably be getting more and more excited with the prospect of Christmas approaching.  Christmas really is my most favourite time of year so I'm really looking forward to celebrating everything November has to offer and moving gently into the full swing of the season.

We don't have much planned in November because it's generally a busy time for us at work, so most of our activities and trips will be impromptu and I'm actually looking forward to that. 

Today (1 Nov) we are off to do a riview for Harvester and hope to call in to a country park on the way back to walk off our indulgences.

I have also signed up to Blog each day in November challenge #bedn to try and get me back into more of a routine.

I also am starting a little challenge to myself which will be to do something towards Christmas each day, you can check out my progress on that on Instagram and Facebook if you like.  You can join my  Christmas 365 group too if you like?

So on with our list of observances...

November is pomegranate and sweet potato month.
It's the first month of our Winter bucketlist, check back tomorrow to see what's on our winter bucketlist this year!

4 Mummy and Thomas day
5 bonfire night walk
5 wear bright colours to nursery day
8 Taz's day
27 visit Thomas's primary school
29  Albert's birthday party

2 all souls day
5 bonfire night
8 Remembrance Sunday
10 diwaili
11 Remembrance Day
12 pizza with everything day
14 world kindness day
14 world diabetes day
18 Mickey mouse day
19 world men's day
22-28 game and puzzle week
23 Dr who day
26 thanksgiving day
29 stir it up Sunday

You can find a more comprehensive list from the web here

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