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|FAMILY|10 things to take to a fireworks display

This weekend we attended our first successful organised fireworks display, I say successful because we did attempt one last year but T got very upset by the fire (too much Fireman Sam!) and so we left early and didn't see any fireworks.

I must admit I was totally unprepared and I organised for this so I've put a little list together to remind me next year!

  1. Glow sticks, £1 a glow stick? You can get a pack for that in poundland!
  2. Some sort of flashing torch thing, easier to keep an eye on your child if they are glowing like a belisha beacon.
  3. A drink & snacks! Queues are manic.
  4. Sparklers! £1 each, say no more.
  5. A lighter. For the sparklers!
  6. Hand sanitiser, small boys want wee's 'nuff said!
  7. Gloves, hat & scarf.
  8. To charge your phone!
  9. Wellies, why did I think it wouldn't be muddy in a field… When it had been raining all day!
  10. I so wish I'd have taken a photo of this one but… Fairy lights around your pushchair, yes, this I saw at the firework show we attended on Saturday.  The pushchair was there shining like, well like you would expect really, such a great idea for in the dark, with so many children running about like loons (including my own!) I thought this was genius!

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