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|CREATE|poppy foil painting for Remembrance Day

I like to help T make a little poster for our front window for remembrance.  Not only does it give us a chance to talk about why we are remembering, it gives T a chance to recall what he knows about remembrance and it reinforces the image of the poppy which he's now really getting to recognise the image and say what its for.
For this really simple art project you will need:
Tin foil
A marker pen
PVA glue
Red paint
Black and Red sequins 
1.Start off by drawing a poppy shape on your silver foil, we used a sharpie to do this.
2. Mix equal parts of pva glue and ready mixed paint, this makes a slightly thicker paint, but it does mean that the sequins will stick better.  Alternatively you could just mix the red sequins into ready mixed paint, however, they will lose some of their sparkle.

3. Paint the poppy with the glue/paint mix.

4. Using black sequins make the stemens in the centre of the poppy.

6. Sprinkle the red sequins on the poppy.
Leave to dry and then display to show everyone your thanks to the brave soldiers who have given us our freedom.
You can also use this activity to talk to your children about remembrance day, you could start with a minutes silence at 11 am on 11 November. :)

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