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I love Halloween and so I do tend to enjoy decorating for the occasion. I thought I'd share some of my tips for decorating my mantle today.

The look I wanted to go with this year was 'haunted' house.

I started off with a few new things this year, this amazing 'snow' globe well bat globe actually!  And the haunted house picture in the photo below. Both from Homesense.

Tip 1. Enhance what is usually there. Small changes can be really effective these candlesticks are always on the mantle but usually don't hold candles. In the past I've added my bleeding candles but this year I bought some black candles from eBay which really add to the effect.  This is great because it means I don't have to find a home for them whilst I have my Halloween display. 

Tip 2. Fix light switches in convenient places
I used strong double sided tape to attach the light switch to the underside of the mantle to enable us to switch off and on easily.

Tip 3. Cluster cheap items for maximum effect
Here I used 2 bags of small plastic skulls to fill a vase, I added a set of lights and the effect is pretty good, especially in the dark! 

Tip 4. Utilise what you have
I've had these life sized crows for a couple of years but I wanted something to set them off, to make it look as though they've just flown in!  I remembered that I had these 2 big black books, which just happen to be about ghost stories and the supernatural. So they are perfect for adding a bit of height and making the crowd look more real. 

Tip 5. Think outside the box
I knew I wanted some sort of black garland 'swag' hanging from the mantle but wasn't sure I wanted it to be plant (either real or fake) so I ordered a black feather boa from Amazon this adds a bit of texture to the display and is the perfect accompaniment for my pom-pom bat garland.

Tip 6. Have a children's display
Because we have quite a lot of Halloween ornaments and decor which didn't really fit my haunted house theme I decided to let T decorate a shelf for himself, for this display he can interact with it, reorganise and play with the items   By letting him do this he doesn't want to touch or play with the items on the mantle. 

You can see all my Halloween posts here.  For lots more ideas check out our Halloween Pinterest board for inspiration.

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