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|FUN|puffy paint pumpkin

We tried making more magic puffy paint for this week's post for you.   Whilst I love 'normal' painting it is nice to use other techniques to introduce a little variety especially now T is getting older.

We've not made puffy paint for a long time and this time used food colouring instead of paint, you can see our original puffy paint post here.

To make our puffy paint you will need

1 part plain flour
1 part salt
Food colouring
Decent quality paper (it needs to be able to hold up to the heavy wet paint)

1. In a bowl, mix everything together adding a little water at a time.

2. This is a great job for little hands to do, although you might want to help at first to try and avoid lumps.

3. I had already drawn the pumpkin outline for T so he filled it in with the paint, making sure there was a decent layer (ours was probably a little too thick in all honesty).

4. When it was finished it was looking fab!

5. Cook in the microwave for bursts of 30 seconds. In total ours took about 4 1/2 minutes to start to dry out.  The edges will go first as you can see in the picture above.

This technique had a unique feel and makes a great addition to our Halloween gallery wall.

I'm planning a nice jolly snowman for our winter activities using this technique.

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