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|FAMILY|new bedtime routine and lullaby cd review

We had a great bedtime routine going for T earlier in the year which gave me my evenings back, however, in mid-July this was disrupted when he decided he no longer wanted bottles.  I know, I know at 3 1/2 he was way too old to still have a bottle at night but I have to leave him for 10 hours a day and only get to spend a couple of hours with him in the evening, I didn't want him to be upset during that time, rightly or wrongly that's the situation.  Anyway back to it... In July T decided he wanted to get rid of his night time pull-up pants, he'd be dry during the day for almost a year and was getting upset that pull-ups were for babies, when I explained to him that having a bottle of milk before bed meant he wouldn't be able to stay dry all night, he made the decision himself to stop having his bottle, we've also ditched the pull ups and had only 3 accidents since (mostly down to us not making him go to the loo before bed).

Because he's never learnt to self settle, he's been struggling lately to get himself off to sleep in the evening, leaving him exhausted and frustrated.  The only way he would sleep is to be cuddled.

Whilst I'm not totally where I want to be with his bedtime routine, it is improving and we are getting on the right tracks.  We were sent the Cd lullaby to review recently and it's really helped in forming a new bedtime routine.

The songs are performed by Humphrey Berney who has the most beautiful, soothing voice. With some of my favourite songs such as Moonriver and Dream a little dream I'm just as happy to listen to it as T is.

The cd is available to pre-order now and will be available to buy on 23 October 2015 from the website.

Oh and I just have to say - the illustration is beautiful, I'd quite like it for wallpaper ;)
T loves the fact that he has a 'speaker' in his room, it's not, it's an old CD player, but he's only used to Bluetooth speakers so this is a bit of a novelty for him.
So here's our current bedtime routine, I'm hoping that I won't have to stay with him until he drifts off soon, but I'll update you on that when it happens!

6.30 pj's on and activity or game whilst having screentime
7.00 malted milk biscuit and tiny glass of milk
7.10 teeth, loo and wash
Switch on slumberland cd, which is perfect for any form of massage/relaxation
7.15 acupressure with serenity oil to help promote sleep
7.25 cuddle and stories
7.30 lays on his own with me next to him but not cuddling and lullabies as he drifts to sleep
So far this is working perfectly, T also has a habit of walking up usually twice or three times a night, since having the lullaby cd, when he's woken, I've put the cd on and told him to go back to sleep and it's worked.  I think he's getting used to having the music in the background to sooth him and it's as though he subconsciously is associating sleep with the music.  I've even got up once to him trying to switch it on himself.
I'll be honest, I didn't think that the cd would work as we've tried other variations in the past but for some reason, it would seem that it's the right time for him and it it such a relief to start to see a positive change in his sleep pattern.
Now for your chance to win a copy of the cd enter my rafflecopter giveaway below.  Competition closes 23.55 24 October 2015.
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  1. Lovely idea. We have a CD, of spa music we put on for Beany. I definitely think it helps although I have the music going round in my head too often. Have entered in the hope I win and then I can finally listen to something else :-)

  2. This sounds lovely! My youngest daughter has terrible trouble dropping off to leep and so do I so maybe we could both use this!


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