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After many weeks of soul searching, I think I'm finally ready to move forward with my blogging, it's been hard. Would I continue? Would I give up? Would I be able to free myself from this constant need to compare myself as inadequate against other bloggers? The answer is yes, I am ready to commit to blogging at whatever level I can at a time, I've realised that for me this might be an evolving process.  Although my new job is exhausting and takes up far more time and energy, it has given me a new lease of life.

I'll never be happy that I can't spend more time and effort on my blog, I'll never be content that it's not even close to being anywhere as professional looking as my perfectionist self wishes it to be, but I am ready to let go of this and accept it for what it is.  I love blogging, I love my blog and I'm now right back where I started, writing posts for me and my family.  Projects, activities and recipes that are our lives, striving to get as much out of every weekend as possible, and enjoying every minute.

I've missed you, 'word of the week' 

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