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|CREATE|soy wax candle tutorial

I really have caught the candle making bug since making my confetti candle and since the hubs and I made some for our wedding anniversary table setting.

This weekend I thought I'd practice making some tiny ones in baby food jars which I intend to package up nicely for T's nursery keyworkers gifts.  You know I like to recycle where I can so this was a great use for a pile of baby food jars I had in the shed.  I'll be presenting them with a baby powder bath bomb which T will make in a future tutorial.

In my confetti post I said I wouldn't do a tutorial because all wax is different, however, I've now learned that all soy wax is the same!  So, first a little bit about soy wax, most cheaper candles contain animal fat, you can tell if you're candle contains animal products by the fact that when they burn they let off black smoke.  I recently made the decision to eat more vegan meals (2 out of 3 a day) and so this has exposed me to far more vegan practices and has made me re-look at the way I've been living as a vegetarian, I won't go into too much detail now, but suffice to say I'm now making sure that any candles I burn are actually soy and don't contain animal fat (warning - soy candles do cost a lot more!)

Back to the tutorial

You will need
A jar
Soy wax (just search on eBay or hobbycraft do starter kits)
Candle fragrance
A wax crayon or candle wax colouring
A flat back button or sticker
Glue dots

1. To work out how much wax you'll need, you need to know the volume of your jar (teacup, glass, mould etc) an easy way to work this out is to place on scales, zero the scales and fill with water.

2. Measure out the same volume of wax into a microwaveable container and melt in the microwave in 30 second bursts, keep checking and stirring every 30 seconds, it doesn't take long at all.  Make sure you use oven gloves if your melting pot has no handle.

3. Make sure your jar is clean and dry.

4. If you are adding colour, how's the time to grate it into your melted wax, grating is better than chopping as it disperses into the wax more evenly, also add your fragrance, I'm sure that I'll fragrances differ slightly but I've found that 1ml of oil for every 100ml melted wax works well for me. I used an old children's medicine syringe to measure my oil and I used 1/8 of a children's wax crayon for 100ml melted wax to achieve this colour.  

5. You need to attach the wick to the jar, the best way I've found to do this is using a glue dot.

6. You are now ready to pour the wax into your jar.

7. Whilst you wax is drying (it will take a couple of hours) cut the back off of your button, if you're using a button, I really love flamingoes at the moment and have seen some designer candles using flamingo decals so thought this would be a nice touch, it's really simple to remove the back with a craft or other small sharp knife.

8. Attach your button and cut down the wick when your candle has set and has turned opaque.

Now all I have to decide is whether to add ribbon and/or maybe a lid.  Oooh I do love the presentation bit and can't wait to work on that nearer Christmas.

I'm so pleased that within a an hour I can have a stack of high quality looking candles ready for giving.

Look out for more candle ideas in the coming weeks and I'll be sharing some 'handmade with love' stickers that would be perfect for the bottom of this project.
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  1. Lovely. Never made candles before but I will try this!

  2. Love this! I actually have a box of candle making products, but have never got around to it. This is tempting me now though! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  3. Brilliant guide thanks for linking to the binkylinky


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