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|CREATE|pillow case laundry bag

With us going on all these little road trips and with The Hubs working away a bit I remembered how useful it is to have a bag in your suitcase/overnight bag to put your dirty laundry in. 

For our trip to Clacton in July I decided to make one out of an old pillowcase. 

Here's the quick tutorial. 

You will need
An old pillowcase
Thick ribbon 
A needle and cotton
A ruler 
A large paperclip

1. Turn your pillow case inside out.  You need to sew a line in the same place as the hem on the non-flap side so on the flap side mark a line with the ruler in the same place as the hem on the reverse side.  I hope this makes sense, it's really simple to do. Just really difficult to explain. 

2. Sew along the line.  I used running stitch because I didn't want to get the machine out but you could use a sewing machine. 

3. Make a slit at both ends of the hem as shown above. 

4. Use the paperclip to thread the ribbon through the hem and tie into a knot. 

 5. And that really is it!

You can go on to add some appliqué of embroidery but I've left ours plain. 

When it's full, just throw it into the wash to keep it clean and fresh. 

Your suitcase will be nice and fresh now!


  1. I use a pillow case to hold my white washing but hadn't thought of adding ribbon to make it a drawstring, will have to give it a go! xx

    1. Oooh that's a great idea louise, I'm now thinking maybe using one to line the laundry bin as it will be easier to carry downstairs xx


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