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|BLOG|my ten blogging commandments

During my recent blogging hiatus, I spent some time thinking about the pro's and con's of why I blog which lead me to question some of the things I was doing.  I found that there were some ridiculous things that were stressing me out unnecessarily.

After turning these into a list I thought I'd put a bit of a light hearted spin on them so I can look back from time to time to remind myself not to get into funk again. 

1. Thou shall not get engrossed by awards ceremonies, thou will never be nominated for, let alone win!
2. Thou shall not pay any attention to bloggers 'popularity' ranking tables
3. Thou shall not get jealous over other bloggers bragging about their page views
4. Thou not commit to every linky under the sun
5. Thou shall not commit (to thou self) to a blog post every day 
6. Thou shall not compare thou self to other bloggers
7. Thou shall blog about what thou likes and not for an audience or to fit in with linkys
8. Thou shall interact more in social media
9. Thou shall not give a shiz that most ops are now insisting on a DA
10. Thou shall remember that this is a hobby and that family and work come before it!

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