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|REVIEW|ravensburger 1000 piece puzzle review

If you are a regular follower of mine you will probably know that I've been a bit stressed out lately so I've been really trying to relax a little rather than sitting on my iPad all evening. I really will write a post soon, there's no big drama just struggling to juggle those balls ;)

A good blogging buddy recommended trying a puzzle or jigsaw in the evening as a screen free distraction so when I was offered the opportunity to review one of the new Ravensburger puzzles I was pretty chuffed!

Ok so let me start by saying I have not really ever done a jigsaw on my own in my adult life! {gasp!} The Mother in law likes to to them and so I join in with her and I used to do them with my Grandma when her eyesight was better. And I have memories of many happy times in my grandparents caravan with my sister doing puzzles with them! 

Anyway, let's just say I totally under-estimated how difficult a 1000 piece puzzle would be, but I do mean this is a good, challenging way!

I was sent the glorious vintage puzzle which has lots of pieces which are very similar making it quite a challenge. 

1000 pieces really are a lot!!

I found it so relaxing sorting through the pieces I made great progress in my first evening and completed all round the edge.

I've not made much progress lately as T's bedtime routine is all awry and so I'm not getting much time to myself but as I have it in this handy little case thing which the MIL gave me its nice and easy to slide out from under the sofa when I have five minutes to myself. 

This week we are on holiday and so I'll be doing more and hope to get The teens involved too! 

Since telling my MIL about doing this puzzle she's given me a couple more to try!

These puzzles retail at £11.99 and are really high quality. 

I can't wait to get this one complete and start on my next one.

Disclaimer: I was sent this puzzle free of charge on exchange for this honest review. 

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