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|FAMILY|our September...

This month is our dinosaur month.

National bald head month (yay for daddy!)
National mushroom month
World Alzheimer's month
National pet memorial month
ADHD month

20-26 deaf awareness week

4. National wildlife day
5. Pet rock day
11. Banana day
13. International chocolate day
13. Scooby-Doo day
13. National pet Memorial day 
16. Playdough day
18. Start of rugby World Cup
19. Talk like a pirate day
22. Elephant appreciation day
25. Hug a vegetarian day
26. International rabbit day
29. Teenage mutant ninja turtle day

6. Auntie Angela's birthday
12-13 Scarecrow festival
24. Mummy's hosting forever party with friends
25-27. Liverpool trip (?)
30. Uncle Ian's birthday

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