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|PRODUCTIVITY|twitter I love you but...

Ok so this was probably one of the hardest lists to come up with, most of the things I want to do, I've been able to do using apps. Twitter is a complete enigma to me but slowly, very slowly I'm getting there!  

As I write these posts I'm definitely realising that really as a blogger you use social media completely differently and so the things you want to do are not standard functionality, they are hacks if you like!  

So here's what is like to do in Twitter but it will probably be more in another app. 

I'm hoping that you lovely people will actually tell me that these things are possible or lead me to an app, that would be most helpful if you could :)

1.Please someone explain twitter groups/lists(?) - I just don't get them!!!
2. Isn't it about time to extend the character limit even just a tiny bit, or allow for a photo not to take up spaces?
3. Whilst we're talking character limits, is it really necessary to limit a direct message?
4. Please let me tweet just to a group of a few followers, oh-oh-oh actually is that a Twitter group (lightbulb moment!)???
5. Please let me do a re-occurring schedule, eg X post, tweet at 7am then every 4 hours for 4 times, I currently use hootsuite to schedule and can't find that feature. 
6. Please allow me to link to my Facebook page
7. Please let me be notified of a particular hashtag.  
8. Please, please, please I'd like to be able to auto re-tweet a hashtag, I actually worked this out once and do have one set up on #toddlerapprovedtuesday but I can't work out how I did it and my last attempt ising the IF app was a disaster!

Next week Klout+ oh Lordy!!!! 

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