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|FAMILY|top tips for children's birthday parties

Following on from T's 3 1/2 year 'birthday' party last week, here are some top tips for throwing a birthday bash.

1. Have thank you cards ready before the big day, you really won't be bothered afterwards!
2. Don't bother with games or an 'entertainer' for under 5's, all they want to do is dance, run about or play on a bouncy castle. 
3. Have a refreshments station for parents, let them make their own coffee and tea! 
4. Whilst we are talking about refreshments, use sugar cubes to minimise mess!
5. Don't forget a sharp knife, sellotape, scissors and a pen.
6. Do use disposable partywear and platters where possible.
7. Don't waste your time on helium balloons for the children, they are perfectly happy with normal ones to kick about/burst!
8. However much food you think you'll need, double it for the parents (they are like ganets!!!) I totally didn't cater for parents because as far as I was concerned it was a kids party.  After the kids had eaten they cleared everything in under 5 mins!
9. And on that note, however many cocktail sausages you think you'll need quadruple it, kids love cocktail sausages - fact!
10. If you invite children to dress up, make sure you take a spare costume yourself, I guarantee you'll need it and it saves tears.
11. Serve jelly and squirty cream with sprinkles, it's ridiculously cheap, easy to portion and jeez, the kids really do wolf it down (except my child of course!)
12. If you're planning on doing an early shop, check what time they open, I nearly got caught out by this, planning to arrive at Iceland for 8 but was running late, it doesn't open until 8.30!

The partywear in the photo is from Party Pieces see all the details in this blog post of T's actual birthday party here I also have a post on party planning here.

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  1. I totally agree with the children's entertainer bit for under 5's! All I wanted to do was run around and dance too! Great list! #TheList x

  2. What a great idea to get the thank you cards ready before the party - I'll definitely remember that one #thelist

  3. Great list. Organising a child's birthday can often be like a mini wedding! And I never know what to do about the parents! #TheList

  4. Great tips! Interesting point about not having an entertainer - maybe I won't bother for my three year old's party. I find lots of food and booze for the parents always goes down well. #thelist

  5. Fab tips! Completely with you on the disposable party plates and the fact that parents eat loads!! :) x

  6. ooo great tips thank you :) I didnt cater for parent at Monkey's third party either !! xx #TwinklyTuesdays

  7. Great tips!! Especially extra food for the adults! When the twins were two we had a party but it was mostly for the adults!! ;) We served Prosecco and canap├ęs — lol! will DEFINITELY be doing jelly and sprinkles next time!!! I LOVE the stuff :) Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — hope to see you again next week! x

    Caro | www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

  8. Great tips love! We're going to embark on our first birthday party this summer. I'm scared but I think with your help we'll make through ;) hahah! Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx


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