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|CREATE|{quick & easy} kids cutdown shorts DIY

A few weeks ago I had a bit of a sort out of T's clothes and put a few favourite items aside as they no longer fit. 

He seems to have shot up in the last few weeks, but it only seems to be his legs and arms which have grown, his little bum and waist don't seem to have changed at all!  I loved him in these jeans so they've been sitting in our bedroom for a while as I've not known what to do with them. 

I was looking at some shorts for a little break we are having next week and it occurred to me that I might be able to do something with the jeans, I also pulled out a couple of old joggers from the charity pile. After checking the waist still fits. I got to work...

First I measured a pair of correct age shorts next to them to determine the length. I tried the joggers first, I left about 2cm longer because I was planning on sewing a hem. 

When the first one was done I folded them together and cut the second leg. 

I noticed that the edges were starting to curl slightly and so I gave them a little stretch!

They magically curled up and meant there was no need for hemming!

Next I moved onto my favourite little jeans. This time I left about 5cm to make a turn up. 

After cutting the legs off I folded about 1cm and ironed that in place, I then folded up and used hemming web to hold in place (follow instructions on the packet)

I'm so pleased I gave this a go. In less than half an hour I had 4 pairs of shorts that otherwise would have been given to charity. 

I appreciate that this is by no means revolutionary and our parents and grandparents used to go to much greater lengths to recycle clothes, but I honestly hadn't even considered it before! 

If you give it a go, please pop a picture on my Facebook page, tweet me or tag me in Instagram xx

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