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|CREATE|egg box gems & treasure storytelling box

This months play and learning theme is 'Pirates & Mermaids' so at least half of our activities this month will be based around this theme.

T's imagination is running wild at the moment and he's loving nothing more than making up stories and telling tales whilst he is playing.  I thought I'd create this little storytelling box for us to use to create some lovely stories.

As well as being able to use as a traditional sensory box, I thought we could have a rummage around and pull out an item and tell it's story eg; The beautiful sapphire necklace once belonged to a beautiful Princess who fell in love with a pirate and gave him the gem to remember her by or the medal was won by a very brave soldier who saved his regiment whilst being wounded, or the pearl bracelet which was made by a mermaid who dived deep down into the ocean, to search for the pearls.

I'm sure that there are lots of Mummies out there who have a much better selection of jewels and treasures but this was the best I could come up with without purchasing more, I'm pretty sure that Tesco do small packs of coins, rings, necklaces and medals.

To complete the box, I made some egg box gems by cutting out each egg cup carefully.

Make sure that you round off any sharp corners.

Once you have your cut out 'gems' you need to colour them in using coloured sharpies or other permanent marker pens.

I was going to do this with T, but to be honest when I tried one myself first I realised he would not have the patience at all to continue so I made them for him and added him to the treasure box.

I wonder what weird and wonderful stories he comes up with?

Look out for more pirate and mermaid activities all month.  For more ideas you can also follow our pirate and mermaid pinterest board here

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