|#toddlerapprovedtuesday|week 35 - 23 June | LarabeeUK

|#toddlerapprovedtuesday|week 35 - 23 June

It was a quiet week last week, thanks to everyone who linked up with us, we hope to see some regular faces back again this week. Remember you can post your weekly post to the #toddlerapprovedtuesday Facebook page too, Becky and I will like every one which will mean you continue to show up in our feed when you post new posts! 

We're still running some social media follows over there to make sure that we follow or like everyone, sometimes it's hard keeping up with that when you link, so do pop over to Facebook and request to join the #toddlerapprovedtuesday page.  Thanks to everyone who have joined in.

This week I have a quick and easy to set up animal habitat activity.

Becky, Ellie and Jenson have been making these delicious sweetcorn fritters we'll definitely be trying them!

Featured in my showcase this week is:

This great Meeting Mr Bloom post from Our footprints on the world because it's Mr Bloom and he's awesome and I *loved* the barefoot trail, such a fab idea.  Thanks for linking Kelly, hope to see you this week :)

I love busy bags and think they are a wonderful idea for keeping little ones occupied!  These ideas from Monkey and Mouse would be great for your summer holiday's.  

Here are the rules:-
1. Link as many posts as you like (well with in reason!) BUT please remember to paste the #ToddlerApprovedTuesday badge on each post you would like to link up. 
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4. We will now only be RT'ing posts Tweeted to us, and our showcased posts will also be RT'd too. We also have a fab new Facebook group for the Toddler Approved Tuesday community. Pop over and join us, share your posts, share any photos from inspiration you have had from a Toddler Approved Tuesday link up.


  1. Thanks for putting me as one of your favourites from last week! :) xx

  2. Great game idea for learning about animals. Love it!
    Thank you for the mention :)


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