|#thelist|weekly round-up 1 - 7 June | LarabeeUK

|#thelist|weekly round-up 1 - 7 June

I've missed the last couple of weeks, to be honest I've not got a reason why, I just didn't get round to collating all the info and by the time I had time it was irrelevant!  I'm still working really hard on promoting the blog and creating better content, my list of blog posts to write is running at about 55 at the moment and that doesn't include 'regular' posts like this, wow! Bloggers blog is certainly not my problem, my day job is ;)

- My favourite post this week is our Rainy Day Bag, so pleased with it.
- My most popular post this week was our summer bucket list post
- 10 posts published so far this week (including this one)
Facebook is currently my second referring site this week!  Who'd have thought that ;) I am putting in a lot more effort and it does seem to be paying off, just need to increase my followers now, so any likes would be gratefully appreciated! 
- I've changed my Twitter scheduling and am now tweeting 24 hours, it's making a noticable difference with my first referring site now being Twitter.
- 2 new opps or reviews secured this week.
- I have been nominated for 2 Mads blog awards!  I've been voting for 'top craft blog' and 'top toddler blog' I am absolutely thrilled about this as never did I think my little blog would ever be nominated and up there with the greats for a short time, thank you so much.
- I finally found out my Tots100 ranking - 795, it's a bit higher than I'd hoped (I was hoping for about 100 less) but it's given me a bit of drive to reasses the blog, go back to delivering some better quality posts and get to under 500 by the end of August, a big ask but at least I have a target!
- We are lucky to be involved in a brand new YouTube collaboration with some fab bloggers, check out the 'Kids make and bake club' details here

- None

- my 'stopping the strops' post was featured on Hannah's The List post this week, thanks so much. 

- No tantrums this week again, our 'strategy' seems to be working, you can read about it here.
- It was our anniversary this weekend so we had a lovely date night at home with good food, music and DVDs BLISS!
- enjoying us all spending more time together

- None

- Planted beans, courgettes, squash, butternut squash, fennel, tomatoes, salads and radishes.  Can't wait until they grow.

- None

Very happy ;)
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  1. I have started scheduling a tweet for 3am I think I should maybe do more through the night as I have seen other bloggers do so. Huge congrats on your mads nomination xx

  2. What a lovely round up. Good for you Hun and hey you'll be knocking that tots number down soon enough. It's out of 10k bloggers so huge well done Hun xxx ps: no tantrums?? Amazing. Xx

  3. I am loveing all the no lows! Sounds like you have having a great time at the moment and well done for all your achievements. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x


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