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|PRODUCTIVITY|Instagram I love you but...

I'm really beginning to love social media, but the system tester in me cannot help to think that each platform could improve user experience.

In my new 'I love you but...' series, I'll be giving a list of developments which I think would improve the application, to improve efficiency or which would just make my life bloody easier!

Now, I'm no expert on any of these so if I've put something that you know can be done or you have a hack for, please do leave me a comment, I'd be so happy to be proved wrong on any of these items!  It really would make my day ;)

And of course, add any I've missed to comments!

1. Please let me click on links direct from posts.
2. Please make it possible to schedule for free within the main app.
3. Please make it easier to repost, within the main app.
4. Please let me search just my own posts.
5. Please let me choose an audience 'group' so when I join photo challenges I don't have to send to all of my followers (if I don't want to!)
6. Please stop suggesting half naked women in my search feed (just because I happen to like beards and tattoos!)
7. Please allow me to block certain hashtags eg skinny wraps
8. Please allow me to reject a follower without having to block them or turn private.
9. Please allow me to denote some feeds as 'favourites' so I can filter if im really busy.
10. Please allow me to save posts... Oh and save in categories!
Edit: 11. Please let me like other people's comments.

Coming up next week, Facebook I love you but...

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