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|FAMILY|Summer bucket list

Summer?  Already?  Wow where did spring go?  We're still working on our spring bucket list which hasn't been too successful but here we go with a rather ambitious summer list!

(Aw look at tiny T in his nappy a year ago! Time flies!)

1 go on a train
2 stargaze from the paddling pool
3 egg throwing painting
4 create garden art
5 wear a crown
6 have a Yes day
7 have a bbq breakfast
8 camp
9 sleep in your den
10 host an outdoor movie night
11 make slushies
12 make a vodka watermelon 
13 have a picnic in the village
14 play rounders
15 get a henna tattoo
16 science play date
17 go for a Thomas led drive
18 re-stock the pond
19 carve our initials in a tree
20 get floating lanterns

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