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|CREATE|zebra picture scissor practice

At the moment we are trying to do things with T in the time between getting home from nursery and going to bed. We're also giving T more activities to let him decide what to do, I'm calling these 'invitiations' this is a little invitation to create that I left out for him.

Supplies I set out
Black paper
Glue stick
Zebra with no stripes colouring page, which I found here

(Yes, always on the table!)

He got this straight away!  'I need to cut stripes don't I Mummy?' He was so proud of himself and got cutting right away, cutting strips and then measuring how long they needed to be.

 He did such a great job and loved using a glue stick for the first time!

I'm really loving these invitations and seeing what he makes of from them. 

This month most of our activities are on a safari theme, look out for safari food, games, activities and crafts during June. 

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