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|CREATE|zebra and lion finger puppets

We loved making our penguin finger puppet for Sykes cottages, it inspired us to make some of our own. After a day at a zoo and seeing the zebra and lions we decided to make some zebra and lion finger puppets from our Sykes cottages kit.

I had already cut out the basic shapes and let T glue them together with Daddy, in hindsight I wish I'd have gone with my gut (not listened to Daddy!) and made the lion's mane brown and his face yellow but he turned out OK.

How hard is it to make a zebra??  I found it very difficult working out the zebra's nose, but without any help T realised what it was so I was happy with that!

Playing with the puppets turned into a full on stalk around the Savannah for our lion skulking after the zebra and a very long game of 'chase' prevailed before bedtime, wearing out our little zebra!  

I loved how T used these to act out a zebra being chased by the lion across the desert and Daddy hid around the lodge and jumped out on the zebra as it excitedly wandered by, of course in our 3 year old friendly game our zebra always got away, I think at one point the lion was told to get a pizza instead of eating it (oops! That's my usual ending for the three little pigs which someone copied for this scenario!)

I'm sure we'll come up with more finger puppets based on the basic shape in future and will probably add them to our storytelling box.

This month we are studying all things safari related, so these puppets fit in a treat, our other safari posts can be found here and you can follow our pinterest board here for more safari ideas from other people.

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