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|create|stencil kit review

We were recently sent a lovely Mini Stencil Set from Great Gismo's Meadow Kids Range to review.

The set is aimed at children aged 3+, the stencils in this set are aimed at boys.
It is a lovely set of mini stencils with everything needed for your child to create their own cards.

The kit comes in a sturdy box which could be re-used if you wanted.  Everything fits well inside with room for a few additional items.

There are coloured pencils in the top drawer, which to be honest I found to be much poorer quality than the rest of the kit.  A couple of ours were unusable.

The Kit contains a book of papers, a book of stencils, coloured pencils, a pencil sharpener ad 6 blank cards and envelopes.
I really liked that the stencils could be kept in the book when not in use, although at 3 and the bottom end of the age range, T did struggle to get them out and I was worried that he would rip them.  An older child would not have this issue I don't think.

I actually re-attached the stencil to the paper book which made it much easier for T to use.

He loves this kit and has even put it in his rainy day bag!

T wanted to use felt tips on some of the stencils, and this wiped away easily and you wouldn't have known that it had been covered!

T did struggle to recognise some of the letters and numbers on the alphabet stencil but again I think this was more due to his age than a criticism of the product.
Overall I think this is a lovely kit, although I do feel the price tag of £12.99 a little steep.
Disclaimer: We were sent this product free in exchange for an honest review.



  1. Good idea to attach the stencil to the book! Children usually enjoy stencils in my experience but I think they are often more geared to slightly older ones. I can see why recognising letters and numbers could be problematic for a toddler.

  2. This looks good, but I can understand that it may be for an older child! x

  3. These look fab, recognising letters when they are split sometimes can be difficult for young children. Good idea for it to be attached to the book! :) xx

  4. I loved stencils as a kid but like you said great for when children are a bit older. Love the idea of attaching to the book #ToddlerApprovedTueaday

  5. Our guys are currently mad for stencils, and drawing around stuff! Like it's all they do!!!



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