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|CREATE|cute paper clips DIY

I've made some new paper clips for my planner and I thought you might like to see and maybe get some ideas for your own planner. 

These paper clips are designed to sit right at the top of your planner. 

Here I've got 3 methods
- buttons
- ribbons
- badges

Let's start with buttons, most buttons can be used. You need any shanks to be cut off and for the button to be as flat as possible. Here are example of some different types suitable. Once your back is flat you just attach the button to a coloured paper clip using a hot glue gun. 

One ribbon method I have is to use a pre-made craft or scrapbook ribbon and again glue to a paperclip using a hot glue gun.

To use a button badge, first remove the pin and make as flat as possible and glue. 

To make a ribbon paper clip you will need  some ribbon and a plastic coated paper clip.

And a hot glue gun. 

Take your paper clip and place your ribbon over the top (pattern upwards)

Thread one side of the ribbon through the back of the paper clip. 

Do the same for the other side. 

Pull the ends and tidy the ends, if the ribbon is liable to fray just melt the ends with a lighter or candle. 

The back of the paper clip will look like this. 

Use the glue gun to secure in place. 

And that's it!!!  Hope you like them. 

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