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|ACHIEVE|weekly focus - 1 June

Lots of planning is paying off! The blog is just awesome at the moment, however, as something always has to give, the housework has suffered a little.  Friday I was out all day so lost a little time there.  Going to work from home one day this week so I can re-gain (is that a word?) 2 1/2 hours to do a quick tidy round.

Weekly focus for this week -

Use Klout more - yes, been using it this week, although I wish giving someone a K+ was easier on the iPhone.
Respond to comments within 48 hours - I am trying, well I'm definitely keeping within this for linkys.  Ironically with my increased page views of course have come more comments and they are the ones I'm still struggling with.
Keep monthly page views above 8k - wow, wow, wow... I've hit over 10K views this month, go to keep that up.
Work on more worthwhile content - once I get the next couple of weeks out of the way, hopefully you'll start to see more projects, recipes, children's activities and even some planning and organising posts.  The are in the pipeline, I just to get a few commitments out of the way first ;)

- New for this week -
Keep up the 10K page views
Plan, plan, plan
K+ 5 people every day

Drink 1 litre of water - ok being more specific on this one as it's not working! c/f
Use commute more effectively - only had 2 days commute this week, but did do some blog work through them. c/f
Be more patient with T during tantrums - was going well, nearly one at football so we just came home and it turned into one, we let him ride it out and had nothing since.
Take packed lunches to work - 2 out of 3 days c/f
No alcohol - none unti Friday night, next week will be all 7 days c/f
Lose at least 2 lbs - 1lb, not too bad as I wasn't really trying c/f

- New for this week -
Get up at 6 every morning to sort myself out before The Hubs and T wake up (ahhhhhh!!!!!)
Do 30min 'me time' every day

Keep the house tidy! - yes
3 x 30min purges -c/f
Help T make his bed everyday like he did in Wales - c/f
Leave T's clothes out so he can get ready before going downstairs in the morning. - c/f

- New for this week - 
Get on top of ironing

Make sure I only work contractual hours. - yes need to continue this week though c/f

- New for this week -
Try and focus

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