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|ACHIEVE|goal setting for greatness - goals progress 29 June

Another ok week, I don't think I put in as much effort as I should have but with T's party this weekend something had to give so I could concentrate on that. I've just completed a webinar from Female Entrepreneur Association entitled 'How to build your audience' my head is now swimming with things I should do and I have 8 a5 pages of notes and actions from it. 

My monthly goals are:-

K+ at least 1 person a day - same as last week really, not every day but bouts of activity. 
Keep improving daily page views - stats fell even more this week. At least I know why and will now endeavour to join linkies the day they come out! 
Use my blog diary & planner - no again!! Need to imagine that thing is part of my being!!  As I sit here in bed with T trying to get him to sleep it in next to me. I need that all the time. 
30 posts this month - this will be post 32 this month on 29 June so this one is achieved. 
Create a facebook strategy - still no, but actually realising this is bigger than just Facebook or Twitter. I need a complete social media strategy so this will change this month. 
'Wedding anniversary' series - 1 post published another due this week. 
Goals progress posts scheduled & linked Monday - yup this will be done in time!! 

3 new weekly goals I must do this week!!
• finish folly farm post
• link #countrykids
• do my weekly round-up

Sorry just wanted to add those as I really need to do them this week!

Get up at 5.00 every morning (an hour and 45 minutes earlier) - yes, yes, yes!!  Not doing it at weekend though, now starting to contemplate that!
Do 30 minutes 'me time' - not really, would like to try a run this week. 
Drink 1 litre of water - yes but only on work days again! 
Use commute more effectively - I've been using the morning commute time to schedule in hootsuite. Not doing anything in the evening though. 
Lose 8lb - no. 
Only drink at weekends (fri-sat) - only drank 2 raspberry ciders friday didn't feel like anything yesterday. 
Take packed lunches to work - yes except I day I met a friend for lunch. 
Be more patient with T's tantrums - think this one is busted, I know I sound cocky saying it but we've not had any tantrums for over a month. 
Floss every day - yes
T's after nursery activities - I am convinced getting into a bedtime routine is helping with T's moods. 

10 x 30 minute purges - no
Help T make his bed everyday - yes, he attempts by himself now.
Leave T's clothes out so he can get dressed himself - yes. 
Clear the ironing - yes, none outstanding at time of writing. 

Make sure I only work contractual hours - 3/4 days

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