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|ACHIEVE|goal setting for greatness - goals progress 22 June

So how did I do last week??? Well this is going up, scheduled on Monday morning which is good, but I realised that although I finally managed to get my post done last week on Wednesday, like an idiot I didn't link it up!  Can't believe that. Also it was littered with typo's which I'm pretty cross with myself about, it's one of my pet hates but something that I'm doing more and more of as I hastily attempt to get posts done and published. 

My monthly goals are:-

K+ at least 1 person a day - not bed actually, whilst I don't think I did one each day I have done more than 30 this week, just need to spread it out a bit! 
Keep improving daily page views - unfortunately they took a bit of a nosedive this week, a combination of reason I think because of non-existent scheduling on Twitter some days, I missed lots of my usual linky's, didn't join in #archiveday and #toddlerapprovedtuesday was really quiet this week. 
Use my blog diary & planner - No, need to have it within arms reach at all times and keep it open to check all thre time. 
30 posts this month - on track
Create a facebook strategy - still going up on this area. I did pay £3 for a boost to my Beer Battered Halloumi recipe which was already very popular. I'm never sure if you should boost posts which are getting no attention or maximise on those which are clearly more popular. Need to do some research in that area. 
'Wedding anniversary' series - another 2 posts due this week. 
Goals progress posts scheduled & linked Monday - at the time of writing this is almost scheduled ;)

Get up at 5.00 every morning (an hour and 45 minutes earlier) - I've now changed this as I'm actually  up at 5am every morning and god, it's amazing the difference it makes. I actually feel more energy, the only problem is that T has started to join me around 5.30, but by the time we head out the door at 7.45 he's in a great mood and has been happy at nursery. 
Do 30 minutes 'me time' - no progress
Drink 1 litre of water - yes but only on work days. 
Use commute more effectively - 2 days not car sharing so lost those but 1 day worked from home, good news I gained an extra 3 hours, bad news nothing to show for it!
Lose 8lb - no. 
Only drink at weekends (fri-sat) - had 1 bottle over the 2 days, could do with getting back on spirits though. 
Take packed lunches to work - yes except I day I met a friend for lunch. 
Be more patient with T's tantrums - no tantrums
Floss every day - yes
T's after nursery activities - yes, he's also getting involved asking for particular activities and setting up his #afterschoolmat

10 x 30 minute purges - no
Help T make his bed everyday - yes, he attempts by himself now.
Leave T's clothes out so he can get dressed himself - yes. 
Clear the ironing - yes, none outstanding at time of writing. 

Make sure I only work contractual hours - 1 out of 4 days I had a lunch break and Thursday evening I worked for 2 hours.  I do have a major project on at the moment which needs a bit more hand holding than it should!

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