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|ACHIEVE|goal setting for greatness - goals progress

Did I say that I would post this on Monday??  Oops!  Had a bit of a mare this weekend and lot the plot for a bit, but I'm back on it and looking forward to the week ahead,

If I've learned anything this week, it's to get up earlier, having that extra time in the morning is making such a difference to our whole family, I am more relaxed and can spend more time with T when he gets up, The Hubs can sort himself out on his own and not worry about T needing a wee whilst he's in the shower or me forgetting my hairspray etc. T isn't rushed and feels like we have time to talk and read and play with him rather than get up, grab breakfast on the go, get in the car and have a paddy at nursery be jade he'll miss us, he's now looking forward to after nursery activities so is happy to get on with his day.

I don't plan on doing this often but I'm adding a new blog goal (in italics) below!

My monthly goals are:-

K+ at least 1 person a day - almost, I'm trying to remember so it's an improvement!
Keep improving daily page views - sadly this week they have taken a bit of a stumble.
Use my blog diary & planner - ummm no, hence the first 2 items were not achieved
30 posts this month - on track
Create a facebook strategy - analysed when I get the most likes and am scheduling my 'regular' post for then, seeing a rise in engagement
'Wedding anniversary' series - first project out this week
Make sure 'goals progress' posts are scheduled to go live on Monday and link up then!

Get up at 5.45 every morning (an hour earlier) - this is something I'm really proud of, I've actually been getting up at 5am every morning, last week this worked so well, although a certain little person has now started to join me.  I would highly recommend this for anyone struggling with time management.  Not sure if it will be this easy when it's dark though!
Do 30 minutes 'me time' - no progress
Drink 1 litre of water - yes I've been drinking 2l most days and that too makes a difference, I'm sure I feel more energised,
Use commute more effectively - I've been spending my morning commute scheduling tweets but the evening commute I have not been doing anything.
Lose 8lbm- ummm next!
Only drink at weekends (fri-sun) - I'm doing relatively well on this one, last week I only drank Fri and Sat, previously I was drinking thurs-sun
Take packed lunches to work - yes every day I took my own lunch except 1 day where I did take my own but I met someone for lunch and changed my mind.
Be more patient with T's tantrums - still haven't had a tantrum for a few weeks, spending more dedicated time on him which is paying off dividends.
Floss every day - yes most days
T's after nursery activities - yes, this week I've re-introduced the #afterschoolmat, The Hubs also doing more with T during this time eg, take him to car wash, park, out in garden or 'help' cut the grass, he is loving this and we are cutting down his TV viewing in the process.

10 x 30 minute purges - no
Help T make his bed everyday - no
Leave T's clothes out so he can get dressed himself - yes, The Hubs had a bumper ironing session at the weekend and so that has made it easier.
Clear the ironing - yes, The Hubs cleared it at the weekend (5 hours) I've got some I need to do, whilst working from home tomorrow, saving money, stress and getting guilt free film watching in.

Make sure I only work contractual hours - yes, but this has been difficult with a major release and issues but not experiencing resistance.  Booking lunch and leaving times in my diary is helping.

Single Mother Ahoy Goals for Greatness

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  1. I really love setting goals and ticking things off a list, seems like you are making great progress =)


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