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|ACHIEVE|goal setting for greatness - goal's progress

Sometimes when I join a new linky it takes me a while to find my flow and get a post in the right format for me as well as making even a remotely bit interesting for others, this is one of those posts.  I'm finding my idea for a weekly focus not working really as all I'm doing is carrying forward items and then adding new ones so each week the list gets longer, no progress gets made and I feel a bit of a failure!

So... I'm dropping the overall theme of 'weekly focus' and calling it  'Goal's progress'. At the start of he month I'll set some goals (or now in this instance) and then I'll give weekly updates on how I'm doing, I'm a firm believer in the 28 days to a habit method so I think this works better to support that.  I'll still keep my 4 'key areas' as it helps me see which ones are suffering at the expense of others.

I'm copping out this week and not giving a progress (because it's now Wednesday and I'll be posting again on Monday!) so just setting out my goals in the new format.

My monthly goals are:-

K+ at least 1 person a day
Keep improving daily page views
Use my blog diary & planner
30 posts this month
Create a facebook strategy
'Wedding anniversary' series 

Get up at 5.45 every morning (an hour earlier)
Do 30 minutes 'me time'
Drink 1 litre of water
Use commute more effectively
Lose 8lb
Only drink at weekends (fri-sun)
Take packed lunches to work
Be more patient with T's tantrums
Floss every day
T's after nursery activities

10 x 30 minute purges
Help T make his bed everyday 
Leave T's clothes out so he can get dressed himself
Clear the ironing

Make sure I only work contractual hours

Single Mother Ahoy Goals for Greatness

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  1. Brilliant list, I love that you've accepted that your original format wasn't working for you and changed it - rather than just persist while knowing it wasn't helping.
    I love the goals too! I did a post last week about Facebook pages that might help you and this week's podcast will be about it too (if I can get around to recording it)
    Also I'll be really interested this week to see how you've got on with getting up at 5:45. i seem to have a mental block about being up before 6am, but if I could do it I would get so much more done! Thanks for taking part in my linky!


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