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This week has been all about learning for us as a family.

T has been learning about different professions and jobs during his 'what I want to be when I'm a grown-up' week at nursery, Monday they had a recycling lorry visit, Tuesday a hair dresser and the lady who owns the farm showed them how to look after the animals not just pet and feed them as they normally do, Wednesday was the highlight for T with a police lady and the fire brigade and Thursday a rally driver visited.  As you can imagine this is very popular with the children, T being no exception.  Suffice to say for the 3rd year running he wants to be a fireman, well once I'd told him that he can't be a superhero when he grows up and that firemen are real-life superheroes!

The Hubs has been learning to get back into the swing of work and how his T.I.A does mean how he works will have to change a little, he's learning to ask for help when he needs things lifting which is hard for him but he knows he has to do it.  He's learning to manage his stress too.  He is also learning that he's getting far more tired many as this is his first full week, he's got to take a break if he needs one.  It's a lot of getting used to for him, but he knows he has to do it for his health.

I have been learning to make better use of my time, finding better ways to incorporate more balance into my blogging/work/personal life, I've been learning new ways of 'cutting corners' and streamlining processes.   Learning how I can get systems to do jobs for me (auto re-tweets, scheduling etc) ironic really as this is practically my day job, but for some reason I never think to apply time management, project management, business analysis and process reviews into my blogging life, I'm now learning to do that!
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