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Edit: 2 May 2015, after speaking to some blogger pals, I took some immediate action and decided on a few of these straight away!  The latest updates are in italics!

I've got so many decisions to make at the moment regarding my blog, taking it forward, my limitations and what I can do whilst working full time.

The word decisions probably sounds more exciting than it is but I've been thinking about the blog a bit this week ;)

1. Should I move over to Wordpress?
Yes, now just got to bite the bullet.

2. Should I buy a domain name?
I did it! I now own www.larabeeuk.co.uk!

3. Should I scale down a bit because I'm struggling to keep up?

4. Can I up the pace and perhaps find a new more part time job?

5. Deciding on a new blog template for a makeover.

6. Deciding to turn down a couple of review opportunities.

7. Deciding to register with tots100.
I did this one before the post went live.

8. Should I give up completely and use that effort to progress my career?
Re-asses this on 1 Aug, can I find a way to maintain balance whilst doig both?

9. Deciding which old blog posts need re-working.

10. Deciding which old posts should be removed.
For now these posts are part of LarabeeUK's history so for now they are staying.

11. Deciding whether to still write some out of date posts for future use.
Yes, I'll be grateful this time next year, or the year after!

12. Deciding on a May blog plan.

13. Deciding to review my huge list of categories again.

14. Deciding what to put on my revamped 'About' page

15. Should I ditch my LarabeeUK Facebook page?
I've decided to commit to keeping it until 1 Aug and re-asses

16. Should I use google analytics?

Although it's a lot of thinking, I am feeling quite re-energised and enthusiastic towards blogging and the way forward, whichever way that will be.

I hope you have all had a great week!  Can't wait to catch up with everyone's words this week!
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