|#thelist|weekly round-up 4-10 May | LarabeeUK

|#thelist|weekly round-up 4-10 May

Great week this week!  Thanks so much for the support and advice after my 'decisions' post and last weeks weekly update post, I'm still working on lots of those decisions and I'm sure some of them might change along the way but, I feel more at peace with getting there now, wherever 'there' might be!
- My favourite post this week is Our May, I do love the motivation of a bucket list! 
- 1 review and giveaway post this week, Heroes of the city 
- My most popular post this week was Heroes of the city giveaway closely followed by this months #parentideaswap 'cooking with kids' {which is Monday 8-9pm on twitter btw!}
- 9 posts published so far this week (including this one)
Facebook is currently my second referring site this week!  Who'd have thought that ;). I did put in a lot of effort in on FB this week though, will continue that.
- I changed my scheduling this weekend and scheduled through the night, my stats have almost doubled so I will continue this as I did think I had more readers from the USA/Canada etc, I'll continue this for the next week to monitor.
- Let down on an opportunity again!

- I was featured on mamavsteacher's Balancing Act thanks so much for that
- my favourite vlog this week was the 'would you rather tag' post from El and Baby A I've followed the blog and Facebook for a while, but I loved her vlog, so natural and friendly and her accent is just gorgeous. If you are looking for a great 'would you rather' vlog check out Becky's here it from a couple of months ago it's hilarious (not the tag, but brilliant!) 
- the best blog post I read this week was the Pro blogger interview with Kerry Louise of Oh so Amelia on tots100, wow my mind boggled with the amount that some bloggers can charge for posts!  Whilst I know I'll never be in that category it certainly is inspiring and I've now found another great blog to follow for advice!  
- favourite podcast this week was 'using the fringe hours' from Elise gets crafty 

- Although T has been a terror at times I feel far more in control about parenting, it's all in this post.
- The Hubs had a golf jolly this week and had a fab time.
- K has been sitting lots of GCSE's!
- loads of activities and games played with T.
- Lunch with old work friends on Thursday, was great to catch-up
- Sister's birthday this week so went round for dinner Friday that was lovely.
- I've joined in with The paper swap at The Reading residence, I just love receiving swaps in the post.

- T's still throwing the mother of all tantrums!

- The house has stayed pretty tidy with The Hubs away, instead of sitting watching mindless crap on TV I've turned it off and had a quick tidy up.
- Did eat well but drank far too much, think I'm in need for a month off again!

- Car been in, 2 new tyres and 2 shocks, trying to convince The Hubs we can hold of getting a new one until T starts school!

Keep-up motivation this coming week and keep enjoying it!
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  1. Sounds like you have had some fab blogging times :) And some good family events too :) These little roundups are quite nice aren't they, as you get to reflect on the nice things that have happened to you recently, and you have them written down so you can come back to them.


  2. Great week! I hate making decisions so good luck with all that xx i'm with you on the drink, I could do with a month off too but for some reason every month has birthday or celebration to mark so it just doesn't happen :/ gah! Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx


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