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|LEARN|shaving foam number smash

I recently saw an idea on pinterest for an alphabet squish and knew instantly that I could put my own spin on it for a little activity for T.

We've been concentrating on numbers lately and this weekend we concentrated on the number 2, we did some activity sheets, looked for number 2's around the house and I created this number 'smash' for him.

The recipe I followed can be found in this post I added some red food colouring (grrrr which turned pink!) and a little gold glitter.  I was looking for a blue and red superhero theme.

I must admit, I expected it to be more of a shell on the outside, but T was chuffed to bits with the result so I was happy!

I put my foam on a large cutting mat, which was really easy to clean afterwards.

I decided to put numbers 1-10 on tiny bits of paper and number 2's on the rest.  The idea was that T would smash all the number 2's and then do the rest in order when I showed him a number on our gel window clings, he had to say the number, point to it and then smash it - which soon turned into a hulk smash (see video below!)

At first, he took it really carefully and just gently poked, but this soon turned into a smash when he realised he wouldn't get it all over his hands.

He ended up getting so excited he got up on the table for optimum impact!

He was very impressed when he was complete although he did tell me I need to make it green for the next hulk smash!

Do you have any advice for starting to teach numbers to pre-schoolers?

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