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|FUN|8 minging things I've seen at the swimming pool

These are real things I witnessed this week at the swimming pool!  Apologies if this offends anyone but this is how I roll.

1. Budgie smugglers, let's be honest, there's not many men who can carry these off, really there were far too many with these on, cover up - purlease!
2. Love bites, really??????
3. Skimpy bikini's, yes, you have a lovely body but there really is a time and place and a family pool is really not the place for your tiny triangular bikini on your double cup boobies!
4. Hair, please if you are going swimming, have a back, armpit, leg or bikini wax, excess body hair in public is gross.
5. Manky feet, if you have a fungal nail infection, please don't go swimming YUCK!
6. Breast feeding in a very unsupportive bikini, now, I'm all for breast feeding anywhere you like, but I did feel as though it was a bit too personal seeing a woman breastfeed in a bikini - felt like she was in her underwear.
7. Heavy petting, there's a reason the signs have been saying it for years, there's a time and place for this too - get a room!
8. Shorts that could fit your 10 year old, why do some men think that wearing too tight shorts is a good thing?  Unless you are David Beckham, please don't! 

I hope you're still with me and not running for the unfollow button.

For those people who are with me, can you add anything to the list?

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