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|FUN|10 fun things for a pre-schooler to do on the beach in spring

We spend a wonderful 3 days in Eastbourne this week, while T did have a few dubious moments, he also was a pure delight at times. 

He loved the beach, we went both mornings and did the same things, now we can't wait to go to Wales at the end of the month so we can do these activities again!

Without stating the bleeding obvious, here are some things for a toddler to do on the beach in spring...

1. Throw the biggest rock you can find into the sea.

2. Try and beat the waves, because of the temperature T has his wellies on but he loved doing this, I can recall many happy times during my childhood that we did this too.

3. Build a sandcastle and decorate with pebbles.

4. Hunt for treasure, Grandma and Daddy kept hiding coins in the sand for T to find, he was so excited when he found them and talked about pirates and X marks the spot!

5. Beachcombe, we searched for shells, tumbled glass and even found an egg sack!

6. Go for a 'midnight' walk along the beach, parents obviously keep a keen eye out. 

7. Scoot along the prom or pier!

8. Hopscotch in the sand before the sea washes it away.

9. Write messages on the sand with pebbles.

10. Chase the seagulls!

It doesn't have to be warm to enjoy the beach, I just wish we lived nearer! 

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